Bakuchiol Oil- The New Retinol


Meet the Buzzy new Skincare Superstar… Bakuchiol


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“Gentle Retinol”

The best bits of Retinol (smooth, glowy skin) without the irritation and harsh side effects.

Bakuchiol—pronounced “buh-koo-chee-all” is a plant based Retinol alternative that gives you glowy, smooth skin without the dryness and irritation of traditional Retinols.

*Plant Based Retinol Alternative
*Skin Smoothing
*Non Irritating


Bakuchiol is the natural non irritating Retinol alternative you have been searching for, add it to your skincare routine for a gentle glow.

Directions: Massage 5 drops of Bakuchiol into clean skin, follow up with facial oil and moisturiser. Use daily for glowy hydrated smooth skin.