Derma Roller Spritz


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One of the most common questions we get about Derma Rolling is “How Do I keep My Derma Roller Clean” or “How do I know if my Derma Roller is clean?”

Both great questions because you do not want to be using a Derma Roller that may be carrying bacteria.
So, say hello to the Derma Roller Spritz. Don’t be fooled…The Derma Roller Spritz is a serious product with a fun name. ⁠

*Kills germs and bacteria for a clean and healthy Derma Roller
*Gentle Formula
*10ml Travel Friendly

How To Use Our Derma Roller Spritz:

Step 1 : Spray your roller with our Derma Roller Spritz wait 15 seconds and run quickly under a hot tap.
Step 2. Shake off excess (don’t use a towel)
Step 3. Use your Derma Roller on your face and neck
Step 4. When finished Derma Rolling, rinse roller, spritz and place in holder.